Friday, July 14, 2006


Sick and Tired

Behind most Indymedia sites are various administrative mailing lists. This message appears on the UK Indymedia list.
Dear Admins,

after a pleasant chat with some admins, I have been encouraged to do some
confessing and to air my gripes on the Features List.

In the last 24 hours, I have been causing significant disruption on the
Newswire. Sorry for that, some of us aren't too good at keeping our cools.

The impetus for my actions however is regarding what I perceive to be
innacurate non-news, disruption and bias on the Newswire.

I feel it is bad enough that conspiracy theories and borderline jewhate is
being allowed again on the newswire (9/11, 7/7 et al mostly cut & paste from
PrisonPlanet, Rense, etc.), but, there is a regular hiding of any material
that criticises/rebuts such items, and furthermore comments contra to these
theories are regularly hidden, and childish abusive comments along the lines
of “spook, troll, Zionist” etc. are allowed to stand- particularly amusing
since I could point to posts of mine on IMUK from virtually the beginning.

This is hardly a fair and balanced stance. In fact, I see the stance as
being very detrimental to the integrity and credibility of IMUK.

I'd be very much pleased if this problem could be discussed. I notice from
the Newswire and know from personal friends that I am not the only person
very sick & tired of the material and the abusive.

If things continue as they are, I'm afraid I'll probably become a greater
pain in the arse and undoubtedly at some point get bored and write this
place off as a jew-hating conspiracy nut haven. Which would be a shame.


The Spookplanttrollbushloving Zionist

So, what do you think about this:
Thank you for the link.

Have a read of the comments there. Particularly:
this is the stupidest workshop in a long time.

seriously, what examples of real anti-semitism on the left can any of you come up with?

It's always some Israel related bullshit.

It seems there will be plenty to talk about at their workshop...
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