Sunday, July 16, 2006


Totally Full of It

Faruque Ahmed says:
Sydney Independent media is Full of SHIT!

What a bloody joke this site is , it has finally given its so called “independence” to pack of raving ZIONIST TROLLS, who will not allow any criticism of the FASCIST state of IsraHELL. (sic)
What is so wrong with having a (sic) wide varying views on fascist state IsraHELL.
And on and on (and on) it goes...

Faruque is of course well known for his "wide varying views".

Kudos to anyone who is (finally) cleaning up Sydney Indymedia. Anything which offends a geuinely full of shit antisemitic moron like Faruque Ahmed simply has to be a good thing for Indymedia. Hopefully Faruque Ahmed (moron) will lose interest before they do.

Update: The Sydney Indymedia newswire has been totally spammed by articles entitled "Cam is the love child of Adolph Hitler". Clearly the work of Mossad. Oh, and the CIA.

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