Monday, March 13, 2006


Regular Column

Sydney Indymedia is hosting a new regular feature - the Weekly Zio report with part-time taxi driver, full-time antisemite columnist, Faruque "It was the Jews officer" Ahmed.

It gets off to a great start:
U.S.A.– Two arrests were made on Wednesday in a series of Christian Church burnings in Alabama. A third suspect is still on the loose.

zionists Ben Moseley and Russell Debusk were taken into custody, early Wednesday, and charged with conspiracy and arson in the torching of 9 churches. The third Zionist suspect is still being sought.

Alabama Church Terrorists

these three zionazis were mad at the Southern Baptists
Curiously, a Google for the story shows no evidence the pair are Jewish (sorry, Zionist) much less "Zionazis" whatever those are. Faruque is obviously trying to bring about the apocalypse, though as usual, may wish to start with a spellcheck instead.

His "weekly news" then talks about Baruch Goldstein, in 2002. Apparently he was having a hard time finding more recent news or evidence to support his thesis that Jews (sorry, Zionists) are all galloping terrorist Nazi murderers. Not to worry, the facts are seldom important anyway.

Comments note:
Faruque's comfortable with linking to Stormfront... Bit odd that a progressive website would be okay with that.
Not in the case of Indymedia, where most things seem to be okay, and Nazis flock.

Faruqe Ahmed has another column now, and it's just too funny:
"Do we have organise (sic) crime in the Taxi Industry?"

I am very tempted to write "Yes, and you're the leading criminal" but I didn't want to encourage him that people actually read his idiocy.
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