Monday, July 17, 2006


Ending the Nightmare

Portland Indymedia advises it's: Impeachment Flash Mob Monday.
The DFA True Brew Coffee House meetup group impeachment flash Monday, July 17, will be at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Lombard. We will be waving "Impeach" signs to get the message out. If you want to do something to end the neocon nightmare, here is an opportunity!
Injuries are expected:
Drinking water and sign materials provided. Please take hot weather precautions: hat, conmfortable clothing, etc. Persons with hot weather health problems should be certain about weather conditions before attending.
Elsewhere on Portland Indymedia, in depth coverage of the Middle East.
Israel commits another act of state terrorism using military hardware against civilian targets. Tel Aviv replies to kidnapping with war crimes. Palestinian school destroyed by Israeli armed forces.

Tel Aviv has lost the propaganda war, the hearts and minds of the international community and the war of intelligence, descending to knee-jerk, primary reactions of the crudest form of violence, playing into the hands of the terrorists on the Palestinian side and proving for many that after all, the Israeli camp is no better - and perhaps even deserves what it gets.
Tel-Aviv? The capital of Israel, is Jerusalem, as anyone with the slightest knowledge of the country and The Knesset would know. Failing that, there's always basic research, something fairly routine to journalists. The author clearly has no idea, yet that shouldn't stop someone passing their uninformed material off as news... Perhaps he can get a job advising the CIA.

Indymedia continues to impress with quality reporting. Google News continues to be impressed.

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