Sunday, May 07, 2006


Zionists Attack!

The House of Wheels reports on this post on Sydney Indymedia:
“Free America Now!” is under attack now. We went through many more attacks like this one. Zionised American Thought Police do not want us to speak freely, communicate with each others freely in the net or elsewhere! This is another example of Zionised American Terrorism.
Sound familiar? It should. "Free America Now" is a Yahoo Group run by Faruque Ahmed, as previously noted here.

The article is a typical multiple-paged rant, blaming Zionists (Jews) for every evil in the world.

Here's the thing - continually vilifying Jews and denying the Holocaust:
many more reports like the one below clearly demonstrate the fact that "Auschwitz" was a picnic camp and Zionism is worse than Nazism.
Or lying about Israel, spamming Indymedia and blackmailing the moderators of Sydney Indymedia are fine. Just fine.

If anyone complains about it however, even politely, they are obviously part of the grand Zionist plot to censor dissent. Naturally, no mention is made of what exactly constitutes this "attack" - however Ahmed's rants are seldom on topic. The only defining theme is Jews=Hitler.

This is how the mind of a deranged antisemite operates. This particular example has made his home on Sydney Indymedia, with their co-operation.

What a "Free America" has to do with a Bangladeshi taxi driver in Australia, is beyond me.

Would you ride in a cab with this guy?

Apparently every user of indymedia blackmails the moderators every time they post an article.

And it would be caving in to bullying if Faruque's posts were hidden in response to objections.

Sheer moonbattery, but it is the same moderator who assumed Faruque had to be the victim of Israeli war crimes to be so racist.
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