Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Moral Voice Lost

Sydney Indymedia is running a message from a "massive western moral voice": Don't nuke Iran.

It is interesting that this "moral voice" was missing on Indymedia when Iran was 'merely' hanging teenagers.

Indymedia's "moral voice" must also have had a sore throat when Iran was "merely" threatening to destroy Israel.

This probably explains the following comment in the article:
It doesn't have to be like this. Join our campaign to eliminate the threat altogether by calling for the US to take back and dismantle its nuclear weapons from Europe and Turkey altogether, and to begin the work of creating a nuclear free zone in
the Middle East.
Except Iran... Leave them alone.

''Zionists'' are too soft on racist anti-zionism. Thats for sure.
''Anti-Zionists'' are inveterate liars.
They have to lie, because there is no honest defense for anti-semitism.

Every single day, Anti-Zionists post their lies and propaganda to IMC.

Not only is it composed primarily of lies, distortions, half truths, and logical fallacies, but a great deal of it is posted under forged "Jewish" names,.
A day does not pass that fascist Anti-Zionists do not post to IMC under forged "Jewish names" names.
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