Thursday, December 22, 2005


Antisemites Out, Looneys In.

Checking back in on Sydney Indymedia, I am pleased to report the antisemites haven't (yet) replaced all of their recent crap which was (eventually) hidden by the moderators.

Instead, it's plain old 9/11 conspiracies. Nothing to see here, no need to quote it.

All I can say is this - The conspiracy theorists really missed the boat on 9/11 and the London Bombings (7/7).

The Gubment clearly used their mind-control weapons to convince thousands of New Yorkers that they saw planes crash into the buildings and Londoners that they saw terrorists wearing backpacks.

By the time the conspiracy theorists had a chance to actually document and disseminate their theories, nobody could possibly take them seriously as they had all (clearly) been tricked by the various intelligence agencies' Black-Flag divisions. It was a complete PR disaster.

As a result, and to prevent further embarrassment, the conspiracy theorists have already written, well in advance their proof of why the US Government, UK Government and (of course) Mossad engineered the forthcoming terrorist attack (attack details TBA).

Reports will feature masses of (scientific-looking) scientific evidence as to how the attack (attack details TBA) couldn't have been as reported by the majority of the press and witnesses. Videos with slow-motion FX and gratuitous use of the Ken Burns effect have been produced, as have Flash animations for rapid upload to the usual sites.

Of course all that will be required after the attack is to fill in the date, time and location of the explosion but this shouldn't take long and they already know all the other facts. Oh, and they will need to find out which law-enforcement agencies were training that day (as law-enforcement agencies seem to do every day) and use that to prove even further, that the whole thing was an inside-job.

It will be published on Indymedia too. You watch.

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