Monday, December 19, 2005


Separated at Birth?

Mexican President Vicente Fox


Hi there,

I've been an IMC hack for various Indymedia centres across the planet for the last few years. I also do spots for Indymedia Radio shows.

I write anonomously, and gets lots of good feedback for my work.

Not all posts to IMC sites can be viewed being as "failures". I do agree though, we get all sorts of crap being posted by conspirac-nuts and as you say "bigots, trolls and Nazis" but some stuff is really good stuff. Stuff that you would not see on the mainstream media. Not because its bad writing - but because it attacks the corporate agenda of those who seek to profit at virtually any cost.

Perhaps appreciate the volunteer nature of IMCs, and understand the demands the of day-to-day grass-roots struggle that activism entails...

I can somewhat appreciate your examination on Indymedia. Akthough I am not entirely sure what you're trying to achieve.

Why not write some good quality journalism yourself and use the facilities of IMCs. Perhaps be an example instead of an outright hostility against the good work of IMC volunteers.

Perhaps join your local Indymedia editorial collective yourself and actually change the media itself ...

To cut a long story short, I guess I just thought I'd say I don't quite get where you're comin from. Your banner at Indy Media Watch reads:

"Indymedia was set up to fill a void in the corporate media"

Actually, IMCs were set up for communications between activists at the WTO in 1999, and to tell the stories directly from the frontline of protest. So in one sense you are correct: the corporate media does little to really tell the stories of those who oppose exploitation at the expense of others.

But to imply that IMCs can replace or take over mainstream profit-driven media outlets is erroneous.

So why not try to help the IMC phenomena rather that attack what is an excellent medium for dispersal of information.

Furthermore, I'd really like to read some positive suggestions from you about how to improve the quality of IMCs?

Thanks for your time,
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