Monday, December 12, 2005


Sun, Surf and Mossad

Geoff has emailed me:
You may have noticed that there were riots in Sydney between Lebanese and White youths. The riots started as a response to the bashing of two volunteer life guards by Lebanese youths last weekend. Local youths, who think they should have the right to determine who comes to ‘their’ beach, saw this as a culmination of 5 years of anti-social behaviour by middle eastern gangs. A mob of 5000 drunk whites attacked middle easterners at the beach on Sunday. Middle Eastern gangs then attacked people and cars at other beachs. Last night there were revenge attacks from both sides.

Personally, I think the state government has a lot of responsibility. They have not been willing to confront anti-social behaviour and curb gang violence. The middle eastern gangs were allowed to victimise innocent white women and on Sunday the whites were allowed to victimise innocent Middle Eastern people. Despite the mob being drunk for most of the day a number of liquor stores were allowed to remain open.

Of course, Sydney Indymedia has been buzzing and do you know who is being blamed?

I will give you a clue, they start with the letter J:
Jackasses? Janitors? Joggers? Journalists? Of course not...

Like everything else, it was the Jews:
Some in the crowds where (sic) identified as israeli mossad agents provoking and directing the attacks the (sic) mossad operation began with a staged attack last week on two beach lifeguards, while the mossad agents where (sic) posing as men of Arab origin.

Since then, jewish infested local radio talk shows have broadcast lies to instigate unrest and have carried out a cell-phone text-message campaign calling for violence.

Local people have been used by mossad operation (sic) to further their agenda of stealing land in the Middle East.
Hmm... Evidently not content merely with tiny Israel, evil Jews are now trying to steal land in the beach suburbs of Sydney...

Gee that Mossad sure gets around (round get around, I get around, Yeah Get around round round I get around...Sorry, it's a beach thing.)

Let's see now - pathological Jew hatred, appalling English and antisemitic dislike of talkback radio. Sound familiar? It must be our old friend, Faruque Ahmed.

Geoff continues:
Here is a good article about the problems of policing in Sydney.

It certainly is a good article and worth reading.

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