Saturday, December 10, 2005


Death Penalty

While Indymedia is going beserk trying to "save Tookie" and "save Mumia" here is another capital case that would be worth everyone's attention, even if you are pro-death penalty.

I predict you won't be reading about it on Indymedia though.

If you want an Indymedia angle, how about:

Bu$h Does Nothing To Save Innocent Black Man From Redneck Lynching For Defending Himself From Racist KKKops
Sydney IMC hits bottom, digs:
Some in the crowds where identified as israeli mossad agents provoking and directing the attacks the mossad operation began with a staged attack last week on two beach lifeguards, while the mossad agents where posing as men of Arab origin.

Since then, jewish infested local radio talk shows have broadcast lies to instigate unrest and have carried out a cell-phone text-message campaign calling for violence.

Local people have been used by mossad operation to further their agenda of stealing land in the Middle East.
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