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Via my referrer logs, it seems Idiot Savant (without the Savant) - Faruque Ahmed is appearing in court.
Date of hearing: 10.00 am - Friday, December 9, 2005
Administrative Decisions Tribunal, Sydney, Australia

Statement of Facts re: Matter No: 051058 (Faruque Ahmed vs Radio 2GB/Macquarie Radio Network)
From what I can gather, a Sydney radio station is somewhat more discerning than Sydney Indymedia and has refused to allow Ahmed on air.

Consequently, their listeners won't get to hear his thoughts on "Zio-Nazis" and Holocaust Denial and Faruque is mad as hell about it. Clearly it's all part of some big conspiracy against him, orchestrated by guess who...
1. I was a long-standing and valued contributor of Radio 2GB. I used to speak on average at least 6 times a week.
2. Things changed since the election of Arial (sic) Sharon, appointment of a New York Public Relations agent to spin for Israel and I went on to expose Israeli war crimes and genocide's (sic) in 2GB (sic).

3. Firstly Jim Ball and then other announcers of 2GB falsely started to claim, "we can not put you on the air because of your poor English" yet they did exactly that after 12 years of my contribution with compliment rather than complaint. As I mentioned earlier, Jim Ball and his "Jewish" wife praised me on air on many occasions. However, 2GB changed it's attitude and refused to give me air time consistent with reasons mentioned in point 2
I'm unsure why "Jewish" needed the scare quotes though it's obvious how he reached his conclusion. His rant (and that's really the only way to describe it) continues, wavers, changes topic and ultimately goes around in circles. Not an easy argument to make, but then most of Faruque's arguments that I have seen, aren't.

Subsequent comments on the page:
Hi brother Faruque,

I read your story but it certainly does not sway me about pro-government right wing media corporations. Nor should you let it bother you.

Because of your cross-cultural differences you need to understand how Australia works.

Firstly, there has always been a boys club. If you don't know Mrs Smith then you're not in the club! It is as simple as that!

That is why we have never recognised the best artists in this country because they were not in the club and were not granted the opportunity to be recognised.

So no need to lose any sleep over it, is not worth it.

What you do is start your own club, tribe clan or org. Or join a friendly one!

Then you move on with more strength and find another way to broadcast similarly to what we do here on Indymedia.

This will only make you grow stronger.

Remember that persistence and determination is omnipotent.

For even schoolteachers end up on park benches!

Good luck! You are welcome here!
Cross cultural differences? Sorry, the guy's a raving Nazi who would be more suited to an Iranian pulpit than a beach down-under. This warm welcome to a serial bigot however, and the underlying attitude toward mainstream media, versus the 'virtues' of Indymedia, appears to entirely sum up Sydney Indymedia.

A subsequent response:
Faruque, you claim you were a "long-standing and valued contributor of Radio 2GB".

Presumably it was the material which has made you such a " long-standing and valued contributor of" Sydney Indymedia that made you unpopular.

You deserve to lose and pay costs. No doubt you will be convinced its all a great conspiracy, but that's the truth. You are a bigot and a fool. A search of this site for your work (posted under cowardly and constantly rotating nicknames yet easily identifieable by spelling and content) will demonstrate this to Sam [the poster of the comment above] who appears to be new.

Oh, good luck!
This is responded to in turn, by this spew:
You don't have to wonder why people hate jews

Why are you such a freak?

You sound like a spoilt little rich jewish cunt!

If that's what a jew is I'm starting to get the idea why people think that they should be blown off the map.

Personally yours is waiting for you around the corner because you have a bad attitude. And what you project is what you get!
I have no doubt the writer had no opinions on Jews prior to writing his comment. No doubt at all... Chalk him up as another Indymedia regular of course.

We will watch this one with interest.

Update: More case details within the comments.

I tried to find the case -

"Matter No: 051058 (Faruque Ahmed vs Radio 2GB/Macquarie Radio Network)"

on Lawlink but I couln't get anything.

Can anyone supply a direct link to this case at Lawlink?

If it exists.
As much as I hate to recommend it, I daresay you'll find people on Sydney Indymedia who know more about this than I or my readers and a comment there may yield more information if you care.

Having said that, I Googled for "Lawlink" and came across this site. As the case only took place a few days ago, I highly doubt the judgement or transcript would be available yet (legal proceedings take months or years sometimes and this one doesn't seem time-critical).

I found the court listing here which does confirm the court appearance as specified (but yields little other information). I imagine this page will disappear or be archived in due course, but it is visible at the time of writing.

In other words: Yes, the case "exists" however what actually transpired in the courthouse is at this stage unclear, unless Faruque Ahmed documents this and you choose to believe him.

If you use any of the search facilities on the Lawlink site, you would need to enter the query as "Faruque and Ahmed". The only matters I could locate were to do with the local taxi industry. I have previously noted what decent taxi drivers must have thought about this idiot's claim to represent them. Reading the judgements, it's interesting to note the judge felt that despite his claim, in many cases he didn't represent them.
Tribunal Room 2
Before: Ms J Needham, Ms Z Antonios, Ms B Weule
051058 Ahmed v Macquarie Radio Network

Zita Antonios speaks here:

Awaiting the "ruling" with interest.
Thanks for additional detail AStext.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but your use of scare quotes around "ruling", and your earlier comment's skepticism make you come across a little cynical. If this is the case, may I ask why?
Cynical, I? Mais non! ;->

But I really wonder what happened. Are they just slack at getting the decisions on the database? I still can't get anything.

Dare we hope that the case was thrown out point blank?
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