Wednesday, December 07, 2005


More Incitement to Violence

An article on UK Indymedia is arguing Capitalism Loves Violent Revolution.
Had a talk with a fellow today saying that however much we want to avoid a violent response to the innate fascism of capitalism we may not be able to.
Instead many find that they would rather rely on the tactics taught to us by the exact world we would oppose. Instead of taking the moral responsibility to stop paying taxes we would organize mass violent demonstrations that would see Grand Freemason Temples and police stations themselves under siege... the adage is true- live violently, die violently.
Moral responsbility indeed. I also cannot help but wonder whether some who tell others to "stop paying taxes" will be the first to complain when their next welfare cheque doesn't turn up.


" I am sick of police, and everyone who kowtows to police (liberals, church groups, etc.) always defending Nazis.

There WILL be a HUGE civilian turnout against these fascists, and people WILL beat the shit out of them.

I want to see Nazi blood spilled on the ground in Toledo. I want to see every police officer who chose to follow orders from their boss (instead of follow their own hearts) to defend these Nazis, I WANT TO SEE THEM DEAD.

There is NO EXCUSE for defending fascists.

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