Thursday, October 20, 2005


Chilling New Terrorist Method

The Norway Post is reporting that:
Norway's new finance minister, Kristin Halvorsen, on her way to her new office, was Tuesday greeted by a young man who threw a cream cake at the back of her head.
Regular readers will recall my earlier report of a terrifying (yet rather tasty) new terrorist method, "cake throwing".

Be afraid.

I visited Norway Indymedia to see if they had anything on the incident. I seldom watch non-English Indymedia sites as I don't understand their content. This was no exception and nothing drew my attention except the single English article I noticed, which was you guessed it...
Impeaching Bush will not change things because he does not in fact wield the power of the Presidency. Dick Cheney and a small oligarchy of Zionist neocons do. An impeachment would be a nice gesture, and the show trial would create a kind of national forum for the nation to explore just how the hell we got into Iraq, but for that very reason, an impeachment will never be allowed. The Republicans still dominate the House and Senate and the Israeli lobby still exerts enormous control. Israel wants us to occupy Iraq for as long as possible. The fact that we were lied into the war is unlikely to blossom into an impeachment since the lies were created to benefit Israel. Our problem is systemic: it is with the very institutions that govern us and with the corporate super-rich and Zionist ideologues who control those institutions. It is not enough to bring down one man who is nothing but a sock-puppet for the neocons. We need to go for the puppet masters.
What's Norwegian for Evil Zionist Neocon? Jøøøøøøøøøøøz? Better yet, what's Norwegian for Antisemitic waste of oxygen disgraceful website? Not fussy, Bokmal Norwegian, or Nynorsk Norwegian will be fine.

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