Sunday, October 16, 2005


Iraqis Vote, UK Indymedia Seethes...

According to UK Indymedia:
The US Military have been deployed to disrupt the iraq "No" vote. It is called a security clampdown. In reality it is a vote rigging operation. The US military is on it's biggest push for a long time in Anbar,Salahaddin, Nineveh and Diyala provinces in Iraq.

They are bombing and shooting up the place. The citizens can not come out on to the streets let alone vote.
Elsewhere in the media, we hear a slightly different version:
Iraq took another big step yesterday toward becoming a fully democratic and independent nation as millions voted on a new constitution despite threat of violence.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Al Jaafari, after casting one of the first ballots in Baghdad, said: "The constitution is a sign of civilization. We consider this a day of great achievement. This constitution has come after heavy sacrifices. It is a new birth."
Fox News? Whitehouse press release perhaps? Not quite. It's from the Bahrain Daily News. While they are thrilled, the Indymedia article notes:
The passing of the Iraqi constitution with this kind of vote rigging will be praised in the western media as a glorious step forward for democracy.

I wonder what Salahaddin would have made of it all?
And I wonder what Iraqis would have made of UK Indymedia...

We eagerly await the election results.

Since Saladin was a Kurd, I guess he'd be happy a) His people weren't being gassed and B) Had a say in the way their country was run.

Do the people on Indymedia know any actual history? Or do they just make shit up?
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