Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Hidden Truths

Articles which don't meet the approval of Indymedia moderators are generally 'hidden'. That is, they aren't deleted (I mean that would be censorship!) but pushed to an obscure corner of each site that you can visit if you are that desperate. In some (though not all) cases however this material is still indexed by search engines and the Nazis/Moonbats know it.

Past entry on hidden articles.

In general, I don't wade through the hidden articles as posting that material would suggest bad faith towards the few Indymedia sites that are genuinely trying to do the right thing. Moreover, it would allow much of that otherwise hidden filth to gain more publicity than it deserves. In any case, there's no shortage of material not hidden to prove my point again and again.

Having said that, it has come to my attention that some material is hidden for no apparent reason other than the displeasure of the Indymedia moderator who hid it. Indymedia Ireland Watch has documented numerous examples of censorship - which would be called editorial in a normal publication but is purely hypocritical on Indymedia.

Evil Pundit has drawn my attention to this article on Melbourne Indymedia which was hidden within twenty minutes of its posting..

It discusses the marriage between the radical left and Islamists and argues that with the best intentions, the two are fundamentally incompatible. Read it and draw your own conclusions. Mine are irrelevant. What I do know however, is it upset someone enough to hide it, on the basis it is "racist crap".

Apparently however, this piece by local stooge Faruque Ahmed and adjacent piece Hitler, what a legend! are not subject to the same policy, as they are still proudly displayed on the site.

It's nice to see consistency...

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