Monday, June 27, 2005


Wiki becomes Indy

An article on several Indymedia sites including Sydney Indymedia has linked to a Wikinews article concerning the recent conviction of an Israel soldier over the shooting death of ISM Activist Tom Hurndall.

The Indymedia article says:
A former Israeli soldier has been convicted of the murder of a British student while he was acting as a human shield in the Gaza Strip in April 2003
However, according to numerous references, the conviction was for the lesser charge of manslaughter, a marked difference given the circumstances surrounding his death.

Many months ago, I asked "Is Wiki the New Indy?". It seems, Wiki, like Indymedia is not free of distortion or bias against Israel. I say this because the Wikinews article links to several formal news sites, all of which clearly specified manslaughter which was distorted in the Wiki version. This was no accidental error.

The Wiki article was the source of the 'mistake' and Indymedia has faithfully reproduced it. However, Wikinews is subject to editing in real time, whereas Indymedia is not. Therefore, while the Wiki article will inevitably be corrected, the Indymedia article, which is wrong, will not.

Update:The Wiki article has already been corrected although this correction has been undone and redone as well. It seems someone really wants to change the story...

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