Thursday, October 28, 2004


Here they come...

I can see from my logs that I have been linked to from an Indy Media Newswire.

Presumably this means after three odd months, some Indy Media type has discovered my critical website. I can't view the article above as their server seems to be down (seized?) but have no doubt this will attract plenty of visitors to my blog who take exception to it.

I want to make something very clear up front - I am not the enemy of Indy Media. I am not against the concept nor the idea, and as a blogger am all in favour of giving people the means to publish their thoughts and ideas. My 'mission statement' at the top of the page suggests this.

I am however dead against the Nazis, bigots, racists, liars and trolls who have turned Indy Media into what it currently is - a garbage bin. Indy Media needs to clean up its act, or concede defeat. The current path of crying "Freedom of speech" while providing safe haven for the scum of society, or employing the Standard Indymedia Defence "but we are volunteers" while strategically doing nothing simply isn't a solution. Indeed it has driven away plenty of intelligent people who would otherwise contribute to the site, to the point where they are now distilling stupidity.

Hopefully my newest visitors won't feel the urge to spam my blog comments (though criticism or dissent is welcome). Indeed, I hope many Indy Media types agree with my sentiments and turn their frustration towards the management (or lack thereof) of Indy Media that have prompted the creation of this blog.


I have to say I like your most recent post. Well thought out and clearly put.

The way you've put it this time, I'm even inclined to agree with you.

Kudos on the convincing, and sorry for my slightly nasty comments/actions before.

It was a hard day yesterday!


Ok, that's me for now.
Apology accepted!

Enjoy your stay.
Ok, seeing as you're being nice:

You might want to clean up

I kinda had a bit of a schizophrenic conversation there.

Once again, sorry for any trouble I've caused.


I'd seen it already.

It was interesting from a security perspective to note that allows registration of duplicate usernames.
Yeah, I was quite amazed at that.

And to take it further, they also allow registration of an account with a false email address. I.E. they don't require confirmation.

You two are cute.
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