Saturday, January 13, 2007


Distant Drum - Local Dumb

In response to a question why a typical anti-Israel post on Thunder Bay IMC was hidden, comes this comment:
The drums of distant wars
by an editor

Thank you for asking why this issue is off bounds and I hope we can continue working together towards weaning it off of this site.

It is clear to anyone who is familiar with the Indymedia network that this site has lost control of spam, pornography, and hate speech. Having been part of this collective for a long time, I'm disappointed by what a once highly reputable site becomes when our editors are too busy.

We simply do not have the horsepower to moderate discussion on the occupied territories. At times, the editorial collective can't even hide the material fast enough, never mind read through it all and balance the fine lines between free speech and hate speech (the latter of which, I would say is the majority).

The simple reason is that this site's design is to discuss issues related to Northwestern Ontario, Canada. There are often reasons to discuss foreign policy within these confines but the Israel Palestine conflict has a plethora of other discussion fora elsewhere.

I would like to continue to urge the curious, the intellectuals, and the bigots to seek out properly moderated and lively discussion on the topic on other sites.
This prompted the following response on San Francisco Indymedia:
On one side are the racist aggressors. On the other side are their indigenous victims. Thunderbay-IMC has chosen to side with the racist aggressors. Like all racists, people like that should be ostracized. They don't belong in Indymedia. They don't belong in the progressive left. They don't belong in human society.

Here are a few examples of Thunderbay-IMC's despicable collaboration with the Zionist war machine. Note what they hide and what they don't hide. It illustrates their position clearly, distinctly, and beyond all doubt. This is not just another case of sloppy, lazy, inconsistent editing. This is racism, plain and simple
This is followed by a bunch of links to hidden articles, which, even if you fully agree with them (and it would be a stretch), are without doubt of no relevance whatsoever to the Thunder Bay area. It is then followed with an incitement to harrassment:
Here is their contact information:
Like they have nothing better to talk about.

SF Indymedia does not allow comments, so in the interest of fairness, neither does this post.

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