Sunday, September 10, 2006


Howard killed Irwin

If Indymedia is to be believed, Steve Irwin's recent death is all the fault of John Howard: Steve Irwin assasination.
As Steve Irwins politics had swung well back toward Labor and , ' Man-of-steel', the dictator John Howard began to see Queensland as his ' Leningrad', so a plot was hatched to murder the popular rival to the savage Tyrant.

The Au Navy was tasked to especially fit out an VSW UUV REMUS with a fatal poison barb similar to that which killed a Bulgarian dissident in London.

The offer of a state funeral for Steve was thus a completely hollow and cynical exercise in mock pity and empathy. ' Crocodile tears' you could say.

Australians now live in fear of another ' great terror' from the fearsome Stalin of the southern steppes.

The Kirov assassination led to mass terror, class holocaust and genocide. DEVELOPING...
Sergey Kirov's assassination was the beginning of Stalin's Great Purge, so the article contains at least one truth. It's hard to find another one in there.

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