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Portland Indymedia asks 9/11, 3/11, 7/11 Terror Dates - Is there an "embedded code"?
Captain May, Ghost Troop cyber infowar commander, uses his training in military intelligence and languages (Latin, Greek, Russian and Spanish) to cryptanalysis (sic) (code-break) present day false flag operations by our government.
Wouldn't it be easy if you knew the meaning of all codes before'code-breaking' them?...
I had picked up numeric anomalies in the 9/11 and 3/11 events that defied explanation as coincidence:

• The 9 and 3 month numbers were square and square root of each other
• There were exactly 911 days between the dates 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (2004)
• There was a reported body count from the Madrid bombings of 199 (which was 911 with the numbers "flipped" -- 9's to 1's; 1's to 9's: 911/199)
• There was even a reversion of the body count downward (who got up and left the morgue?) to 191 -- which is an anagram (mix-up) of 911!

I never spent as much time or effort on any math problem as I spent on exploring my hasty hypothesis that there was an "embedded code" in the numbers of the 9/11 and 3/11 events. I didn't sleep for two days, so disturbed was I by the inability to disprove my worst suspicions. By the end of the second day I was convinced of quite shocking things:

• that the embedded code was real, and was being carried by the collaborative media (which was probably designated an "embedded media" as a way of reminding itself that it was a vehicle of encryption);
• that the 9/11 and 3/11 events were orchestrated with the aid of this embedded code, and were "signed" with it every bit as much as my street gang students "signed" their work with graffiti;
that an understanding of the code enabled those who orchestrated the bogus terror attacks of 9/11 and 3/11 to "set it up" without alarming the unknowing public
• that those who could "crack the code" (like Ghost Troop) could use their knowledge to anticipate and alert the American People against planned future attacks.
After my 48-hour "epiphany," I wrote an extraordinary article, in which I predicted a phony Al Qaeda attack against Houston, Texas, to be carried out in the wake of the Madrid bombings, as a means of spurring the American People into a genocidal World War Three. I issued a specific date of 3/31 (2004), and immediately began to make calls to the Houston FBI.
Predictions ensue... Why won't the FBI listen to this guy? Maybe they are trying to whack him:
The poignant question I'm regularly asked by show hosts is "Why are you still alive, after doing all this to shut down mass murder and treason?" My reply has been that perhaps I've become so conspicuous through my analysis of the embedded code, and so well-known in leading Ghost Troop to shut down planned terror events, that for me to suddenly die -- however "accidental" the appearance -- would set off an epiphany among the many readers and listeners who somewhat believed in our Ghost Troop work.
Other predictions follow in comments:
That "11" is the number of magic. It is the macroscopic and the microscopic (5 + 6) together, represented by the earth and sky triangles in the Tree of Life, which ends up looking like the Star of David.
Aha! It was the Jews!

This guys self-importance is so overboard, it is laughable.
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