Sunday, May 07, 2006


Vancouver Indymedia - Musical IMCs

Further to my recent mention of BC Indymedia's departure, it seems the site has been put into archive mode.

Presumably this is in case future generations wish to study antisemitism, shining examples of which remain, it now seems permanently, on the front page of the site.

Meanwhile, a beta site has been established at claiming the be the "new Vancouver Indymedia site".


First post: US Military Mind Control weapons, and how to protect yourself.

Good grief. Let it die already!

The old vancouver imc had a 100% free speech for both sides, for nazis and philosemites as well. It was one of the few imc-sections where was a real free publishing.
I think it is much better than many european IMC, where is ''free publishing'' only for anti-zionists/antisemites

After that vancouver-imc was shut down couple years.
hmm now it's running again ?

How ever most of the normal people don't take IMC seriously.
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