Friday, February 24, 2006


March for Stupid

According to DC Indymedia, last Monday, the "9/11 Truth Movement" marched on Ground Zero.

Who knew?

I had completely forgotten.

Total reporting of this appalling stunt in the mainstream media: One press release by the organizer.


This is, obviously, proof that the Zionist lobby controls media and politics in the United States.
My entry to the Iranian cartoon holocaust:

Jewish Mother type figure: 'And don't forget to call your mother!'.

Jewish Son type figure: 'I can't because she is dead along with 6 million other Jews and now the Iranians want to finish the job.'

If only I could draw.

According to organizer Greg Nixon's good buddies, Vic and Lisa, of, who gave the the "March for Lies" short-shift by conveniently taping their Monday show while the march was going on, said only around 40 to 50 true believers showed up.
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