Sunday, January 01, 2006


Melbourne Indymedia calls for Sydney Seppuku

Melbourne Indymedia was discussing the proposed introduction in Australia of RU-486, the 'abortion pill'.

As part of the discussion of abortion, someone echoed my call for Indymedia Seppuku suggesting:
Sydney imc should be aborted
There is some support for the idea:
All I know is this anti-Semitic filth has been on the newswire for a week and it's safe to assume nobody from SIMC has a problem with that.

If such matters are not taken seriously, the site certainly is a joke. Can anyone point to Sydney IMC's genuine contribution to society besides usual IMC motherhood crap about "giving activists a voice" and a "progressive alternative to the mainstream media"? As far as I can see, it's a pile of shite and there are far more useful activist/progressive websites whose moderators take their jobs a bit more seriously.

Bring on the abortion I say!
Sydney says No Way! and has responded with a typical cry of how great Indymedia is because of "Free Speech". I (and several of the respondents apparently) still don't the value.

The only support for your idea has come from Mick Lambe - a known blackmail, abuser, scab and general violent thug. The only credibility Mick Lambe has ever had is through his self-promotion on the Indymedia network... Quite frankly, this alone is enough argument for all Indymedias to be aborted.
I'm unfamiliar with the case you cite. Feel free to enlighten us. Blackmailers, abusers, scabs and violent thugs would seem to forma sizeable contingent.

There is plenty of support for 'my idea' - namely the voluntary closure of Indymedia if it cannot clean up its act. It's called acting with honour, rather than engaging in self-delusion. More formally, there have been several examples in the past where others have reached similar conclusions. I am not alone!

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