Sunday, January 01, 2006


Questionable Agenda

An article given prominence on UK Indymedia's front page causes me to question their agenda (even though I know the answer).
In the early hours of December the 20th the Israeli authorities at Tel Aviv airport stopped a group of international observers who were en route to a Christmas Non Violance (sic) conference in Bethlehem.
What's a non-violence conference anyway? Does it include discussion of ending suicide bombing and shooting of Israel children? Or is it a more one-sided affair. Given some of the non-violent (smelly) participants, it's a pretty safe guess.

UK Indymedia has had literally dozens of articles in the last month critical of Israel (or transparently masking that behind criticism of Zionists and Mossad for causing 9/11) with plenty of references to (no links for the stupid) and insistence the author is Jewish. Same old same old.

Meanwhile, if you read Other Media you'd know some Britons were kidnapped by terrorist groups in the same period, apparently a daily occurrence in lawless Gaza. This was reported worldwide and I'd link to Indymedia UK's discussion of this critical event, however did they have anything to say about it? Nope. Not a word. Zip, nada, zero.

Now why might that be?

Maybe they just didn't care about their human-rights activist friend. A question for any would-be "Useful Idiots":

Are you Blind to Islamist Terror?
Update: Via Tim Blair, comes a link to this article which suggests Kate Burton may have had "Stockholm Syndrome" before she was even kidnapped. Reading the article, it would seem the same condition affects all of UK Indymedia.

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