Wednesday, December 28, 2005


On the Middle East

How is it possible to have a sensible discussion about Middle East politics when comments such as this one on BC Indymedia demonstrate how woefully inadequate some people's clue (tm) is.
Zionists are, by the very definition of the term, terrorists in every possible way. Hamas is a popular social, political, and national defense organisation of Palestine. The Zionists label Hamas as terrorists because they resist Zionist terrorism. But Hamas are a national service and liberation movement. The Zionists are the invaders, aggressors, oppressors, and international rogue terrorist group. All Zionists should be catalogued and monitored carefully by all the governments of the world. Then we will discover exactly how 98% of world violence is planned and executed.
I mean come on! Seriously. Hamas are a National defense organization? From what? Killer Zionist Babies? For Pete's sake...

Note also the absence of the word "Jew".

Come on, Mel Gibson's cool!
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