Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I won! I won!

Scott has very kindly given me an award in his Year End Awards
The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Indymedia Watch. The Watcher spends a lot of hours wading through the swamps of Indymedia. If I spend five minutes there I need a shower. So, in light of his underappreciated work, I hereby bestow this award to a good man who has the patience and stomach to deal with the lunacy that is Indymedia. Congratulations my friend.
I am truly flattered.

In fairness, the award came only after I bitched in his comments and forced his hand, but I graciously accept it anyway!

Scott and I have never met, but have swapped a few links over time. I consider him a friend. Go and visit the Environmental Republican, who like myself, has matured as a blogger over the last year. Whereas my journal is one-dimensional fluff, Scott now puts out a high-quality product well worth reading.

Thanks Scott.

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