Thursday, November 24, 2005


Underground Conspiracies

Via Sydney Indymedia, it seems a local train station was closed on 24 November. Why?

To give shady government operatives a chance to plant explosives of course.
The Town Hall station closure on Thu 24 Nov 2005 may have been to allow government operatives to plant explosives at Town Hall station to be detonated at some time in the future to be blamed on "terrorists".

This is what was done for London 7-7. Earlier in the year (2005), several months before 7 July ("7-7"), the London tube had been closed giving a great opportunity to plant explosives. Then they were detonated under the cover of a drill.

On the morning of Thu 24 Nov 2005, the railway announcements (on train and at City Circle stations) were saying that trains will not stop at Town Hall "due to a police operation". On the "news" that night, on the ABC, it was said that Town Hall station was closed due to a fire.

They're already mixing up their story, as is typical for these government false-flag terror operations.
If there is ever a terrorist attack in Australia, now you'll know why. Thanks Indymedia.

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