Sunday, November 27, 2005


Mind your Step

Gleefully reporting on "Buy Nothing Day" (last week if you hadn't noticed) UK Indymedia is reporting the activities it got up to.
Round the corner, at Birmingham’s favourite photo spot – The Bull – that proudly stands outside the Bullring, was momentarily overshadowed, as a more popular family photo opportunity emerged: the giant accumulation of 100% genuine Corporate Bull™shit that had so gracelessly tumbled from the bovine anus. Children flocked to have their picture taken with it. Grinning parents nodded in agreement with the ‘Corporate Bullshit’ slogan which labelled it.
For the rest of us, someone arranged a pile of manure in a public thoroughfare. See link for photos.

Other intelligent activities followed:
One of the objectives of the day was to take back space that had been entirely neutralised, and put it to a different use, or give it a different aesthetic. In keeping with this idea, the Topshop mannequins were treated to quick make-over of rubbish, including some banana neckwear, and a kid’s stethoscope. Taking this idea a step further, we endeavoured to practice some Corporate Feng-Shui, where we could take items from one part of the store and move them to another - where they weren’t intended - but would create a more desirable aesthetic for the potential consumer. It was thus decided that we would decorate the House of Fraser home section into our own living room, fit for a Christmas party. Decorations and tinsel were taken from the floor above, the stereo was plugged in, party hats were distributed and cakes, drinks and jelly were consumed. It was a delightful festive gathering.
Was it 'Buy Nothing Day'? Or 'Piss off Local Business and Employees Day'. You decide, noting previous 'suggestions' for activities.

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