Friday, November 25, 2005


Anti-Semite Arsonists Have their Feelings Hurt...

Joseph C Stockett has posted to Madison Indymedia about how fed up he is being "Censored".
Yid is incapable of honest dialogue and is a good example of the low quality of intelligence displayed by pro-Israel propagandists in the media of the United States.
The Madison IMC should stand up for freedom of expression and not allow idiots like Yid control the framework or the context of discussion.

False accusations and anonymous posts by those too cowardly to identify themselves are the forte of small-minded bigots and emty-headed jargonists with jingo-mumbo-jumbo comments lacking meaning or usefulness.

That 'YID' portrays him or herself as the protector of the IMC from being subjected to racist content is ironic and amusing.

After being subjected to censorship of my posts on your site related to the Divestment Issue and Israel, I would like the public to note that the pro-Israel Lobby is afraid of open discussion and public debate.

The facts of the matter are simple enough: No two-state solution to the problem of zionist racist ideology can solve the dispute between colonialistic European Jewish occupation of Palestine and the rights of the indigenous Arab population of the region.

Israel must be dismantled, disbanded, and removed in its present form as a racist entity created by Western Capitalism, Imperialism, and Neo-colonialism.
The Jewish population of the region must be treated fairly in a new political dynamic in the form of a Palestinian State composed of Arabs and Jews in a federated Republic.

Zionism is a dead horse, a relic of the dark-ages and a product of ethnocentric racial supremist doctrine. It is time to move on to a new world where this type of racist ideology is remembered only in history books.
And they can all live happily ever after, just like Jews in other Arab countries...


Comments rush to his support:
I have read these posts and I'm disturbed that the attacks on Mr. Stockett have been completely unfair, defamatory, and senseless.

Perhaps Yid is working for Israel as a disinformation specialist instructed to attack all critics of Israel by character assassination and filthy profanity.
Naturally it's those Israeli secret agents again.

Looing at a later comment relating to the author however, tells a whole different story.
Stockett is a convicted abortion clinic bomber and a neo-nazi
What? Such a person on Indymedia? Never! Read this article and see they type of people Indymedia attracts.
Police investigating an arson at the Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute arrested a man with anti-Semitic beliefs who has a prison record for setting fire to an abortion clinic, according to court records and other sources.

Joseph Stockett, 57, appeared Monday in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis on a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
Court papers filed in connection with his weapons arrest and interviews with those who know Stockett portray a man with a disturbing history of extremist views.
The informant said Stockett expressed anti-Jewish views and was trying to recruit people into a neo-Nazi organization, according to the affidavit.
In addition, the informant said Stockett days earlier had given him a book called "Hitler's Second Book, The Unpublished Sequel To Mein Kampf." The book had been checked out from the Vigo County Public Library -- and according to online library records was still checked out on Monday.
Stockett's record indicates he set fire to a building occupied by Planned Parenthood in Eugene, Ore. He was sentenced to five years for second-degree arson in March 1976, court records indicate.

In Indianapolis on Monday, Stockett acknowledged he set the fire in Eugene as a protest to an intrauterine device that had injured his then-girlfriend. He said he set the blaze to protect women.
While his case was pending, Stockett contacted the student group Anti-War, Anti-Racism Group known as AWARE and asked for help with his case, members said Monday.

According to former AWARE member Robert Dunn, Stockett -- known both as "anti-Semitic Joe" and "Hippie Joe" -- was arrested when he threatened a female Jewish student near the University of Illinois campus.

When AWARE members decided not to get involved, Stockett accused the group of "being controlled by homosexual Jews," Dunn said Monday in an e-mail message.

Al Kagan, who is still involved with AWARE, remembers receiving a rambling voice mail message from Stockett after the decision.

Kagan said the message included anti-Semitic references that were "pretty disgusting and pretty upsetting."

Max Compton, a neighbor, remembers Stockett spent a lot of time at the library and brought home literature on racism and Nazis.

"To me they were very weird books," Compton said Monday as he puffed on a cigarette, leaning back on the couch inside his Swan Street apartment. "He didn't like Jews. He didn't like blacks. ... That's all those books were about."

Compton, who described Stockett as a "throwback to the '60s" said the eccentric man frequently wore tie-dyed T-shirts and liked to occasionally drink and smoke marijuana. [He should try Bay Area Indymedia! -ed]

Stockett lived alone and appeared to be pleased with his apartment, which he paid with his disability check.
On Monday, as he was led from the federal courtroom, Stockett said he was framed.

"I was set up ... by the ATF," he said.
Now that you know about his achievements and mindset, consider more of Stockett's anti-Israel and anti-censorship rants hosted where else, but Indymedia. They must be so proud!

I fucked your mother last night. She was a lousy fuck. Your sister told me she sucks Arab cock. Your site is stupid. go get a life.
It sounds like you wrote this stuff yourself to get attention. Have you seen your therapist lately?
Remember, Yid my lad, while you whine a pout the rest of us think and discuss.
Whilst initially inclined to delete the above two comments, I think I'll leave them there as proof to the world that some people really believe certain things.
You tried to make yourself the censor of Indymedia because you do not believe in freedom of expression. You are the real fascist Jew trying to suppress discussion of Jewish crimes against humanity.
Now I have shut down this site: Fuck you Jewish pig!
Joseph Stockett, unfortunately, is my biological father. The crimes that the police, ATF, and Secret Service have charged him with are all true. He is an extrememly maladjusted individual who is the black sheep of our family. There is nothing but hate and self pity that he brings to this world. Grow up "Dad". You've never taken responsiblity for your children, yet you think you have the right to tell everyone else in this world that their own views are wrong because they are not in accord with your own screwed up vision of this world. The world will be a much much safer place to live in when you die. I will be thankful when that day comes. You have caused enough pain, suffering, and heartache for all of us.
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