Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Aid Money Offered to Reuters?

I was searching for news on the Iranian earthquake and to see whether in between jailing bloggers and hanging teenagers, the Iranian Mullahs had learned to be a bit more gracious about offers of aid from the infidel.

Apparently not.
In a rare, direct contact, US Assistant Secretary of State William Burns called Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Javad Zarif to offer aid.

The offer was declined, though Zarif, speaking through an aide, denied the Iranian response was a refusal.

"Iran did not refuse the help but said we can handle it domestically," he said.
Uh huh. Sure.

What was particularly concerning however was this, from the Sydney Morning Herald's report on the story (screen-captured here):

sloppy SMH reporting - Image Hosted by

No, the US won't actually be redirecting any aid-money to Reuters.

What they meant to say was:
An AusAID spokesman said Australia's contribution, if sought, would probably involve donating money to international aid agencies such as Red Crescent.

Hat tip to News Ltd, the Sydney Morning Herald's opposition.

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