Thursday, December 28, 2006


Indymedia Slaps BBC with Wet Fish

The headline: "BBC aiding & abetting anti-Muslim pogrom in the UK"

Oooh I thought. A juicy media conspiracy! Exposed by the fearless Independent Media.


Expecting a detailed media analysis exposing the complicity of the BBC, disappointment was but a click away:
Set aside for a moment Sir Ian Blair and his daily race-hate lies paid for by London's longsuffering council tax payers. Every time they say 'suicide bomber' on the news my guts go over. Mostly because I know the newsreaders are just trotting out anonymous military sources, but we are SUPPOSED to feel sick. It's part of a psycological operation to get us to hate Muslims in which the highest level BBC editors and managers are complicit.
How is the BBC contributing? It seems, the problem stems from their choice of terminology:
The BBC crossed a lethal professional line when it decided to refer to the four 7/7 suspects as 'suicide bombers'.
They called them "suicide bombers"? How terribly unprofessional! They should have called them Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food Product which is the appropriate term for someone who blows himself up on a bus.

Then comes his rationale:
Ignored is inconvenient evidence including the advance warning to the Israeli embassy and the untidily Photoshopped Luton CCTV image (a railing behind the figure at the back passes in front of his arm).
Don't forget other inconvenient evidence like the Zionist mind-control rays that make all the survivors think they saw a bomber in London and planes in New York! It goes on with all the usual conspiracy dross. Oh, don't forget your inconvenient medication and straitjacket either.

But what about the "pogrom"? A later comment on the post asks a sensible question:
Isn't a pre-requisite for a Pogrom, that the victim group be forced out?

The Muslim population of Britain is growing at a significant rate.

Some "pogrom"... Maybe it's a "genocide". "Ethnic cleansing" perhaps?

This just a bunch of anti-Western hype not borne out by any facts.
Lack of facts? On Indymedia?

I have previously commented on the gratuitous and wholly wrong use of terms like genocide on Indymedia. Add pogrom to the list.

The UK Indymedia post has brought out all the 7/11 crazies (Europe's answer to 9/11 crazies). Predictably, it was The Jews... Aside from the usual "Jews knew about the attack" meme, ine poster has even applied some manner of do-it-yourself Hebrew numerology system to determine Jewish culpability in "ritual sacrifices" in London.

I've done some of my own: 7/11 + The Numerical equivalent of UKIMC = Stupid.

I am advised via email that there have been 'additions' made to this post, which means either the poster is a UK Indymedia admin, or an admin read the original post and promoted the additional comments.

Trying to stem the damage, comes one comment:
This article shouldn't be simply hidden it must be deleted and so must any other post that questions 7/7 if Indymedia is to retain any credibility.
I think we're just a little bit past that.

The BBC is commiting the cardinal sin as far as Indymedia UK is concerned, that of telling the truth about Islamic terrorism in Britain and elsewhere. IMUK far prefers the idea that Muslims are poor put upon people fighting a heroic resistance to Western Imperialism backed by (of course) Jewish money and influence.

Indymedia is NEVER going to be taken seriously as a reputable news gathering and producing outlet as ling as it allows its bigotry and prejudice to warp information.

The reality of Islmaic terrorism is recognised by nearly everybody except it seems Indymedia - no surprise

ex IMc'er
Well, I think there is some validity in criticising all the media in the UK for parcipipating in inflamatory propaganda. It's happening all over Europe at the moment. Totally false terrorism warnings. Big media circus raids on people that get found to be innocent later (but that goes virtually unreported); the Home Office making inflammatory statements regarding wearing of veils etc.

But the article ignores all that very real serious stuff in favour of some fucked up conspiracy theory stuff. and as you can see, that stuff is never a stone's throw away from overt anti-semitism.

Apparently, yound Asians are way too stupid to be able to commit a suicide bombing! Or perhaps they are just way to happy living in ghettos with shit jobs and being a political football?
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