Saturday, October 14, 2006


War Worries

Seattle Indymedia on North Korea:
North Korea has the right to test and possess nuclear weapons
The anti-war movement must direct all of its energy and demands against the aggressors—particularly, U.S. imperialism, the most dangerous and dominant power in the world today. All attempts to place demands on countries and people targeted by the White House and the Pentagon should be resisted.

You'd think there were other issues in North Korea that might warrant the attention of some movements. However - just like Saddam Hussein's treatment of Iraqis -, they just don't. Until the US gets involved. The Left needs to have a good think about that.

Other pro-democracy thoughts currently on Seattle Indymedia:
democracy- bullshit since day 1.
As opposed, to say, Indymedia?

I understand that the North Korean nuclear facility has no proven link to Israel which of course only proves that Mossad has hidden the link well,
Don't worry, Jews will surely get the blame soon enough...
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