Friday, March 31, 2006


Toking Care of Business

An article on BC Indymedia provides a basic business plan for opening a successful cafe:
Reasonable rent is critical; pay attention to any add-ons such as property tax, business tax, property management, and utilities. Reasonable rent is determined by foot traffic in front of that business, store visibility to commuters in cars and buses, condition of the premises, whether it’s zoned for café/retail/restaurant already, and what amenities (like plumbing, kitchen, air conditioning) are included.
Oh yeah, and dealing marijuana.
Your Café is the front line in our cultural revolution! It’s not important to sell the pot. Your café is where our cannabis community comes to be together, and to be who they really are, in unity and enlightenment. You will be the local centre for the cannabis culture. You can make your dream come alive to commercial success and personal reward, which will quickly make you the ‘voice’ of the cannabis community in your area. Are you up for it?
No. The article provides good revenue advice:
Bongs, rolling papers, bubblebags, cool pipes, and grow book sales are obvious choices to keep revenue flowing from your target market – potheads.
and asks all the hard business questions:
Is A Stoned Staff A Good Staff?
If it doesn't work out, there's always independent journalism...

Is a stoned staff a good staff? I don't know, ask Starbucks.
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