Sunday, March 26, 2006


Charlie Sheen: Idiot.

Last week, I noted Charlie Sheen's alleged comments regarding 9/11 conspiracies and was unsure whether he had been libelled, or was simply an idiot.

The latter applies.

The record of this in The Guardian flies in the face of Prison Planet's insistence there's a big media cover up of his words.

9/11 conspiracy theorists should note however, just because Charlie Sheen, noted actor and idiot, said it, it isn't neccessarily true and I wouldn't be taking the tinfoil off the champagne bottles just yet. Maybe save it for other uses...

You're leaving out the fact that for months now other noted experts have been saying the same thing. Here's a short list:

Former head of Reagan’s Star Wars (SDI) and air force colonel, Robert Bowman
Brigham Young University physics professor Steven Jones
Clemson University engineering professor Judy Wood
Former high-level Reagan appointee and prominent conservative, Paul Craig Roberts
Former U.S. congressman Dan Hamburg
Former chief labor economist under George W. Bush, Morgan Reynolds
Former high-level intelligence analysts, Ray McGovern and Wayne Madsen (who briefed presidents and vice-presidents)
Former German defense minister, Andreas Von Bulow
Former British government minister, Michael Meacher
Hundreds of engineering and physics PhDs worldwide...
Oh please!

What do you mean by "the same thing"?

There is a raft of difference between taking issue with various Government findings (noting that governments do fuck up with the best intentions) versus believing the whole thing is some grand conspiracy.

I personally believe the Government fucked a lot of things up. However, I also believe the murder itsefl was pereptrated by intelligent, well funded Muslim Saudis.

That is not the same thing, and your comment gives another stunning insight into the low burden of proof required by 9/11 conspiracy theorists before they are convinced they are onto something.
Charlie Sheen is a dork. Even his wife thinks he's nuts.
I can not believe America gives people like Charlie Sheen a stage to comment on anything. Here is a man who is completely dysfunctional in so many ways and then we are suppose to listen to him? God save our country from true delusional people such as this.
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