Sunday, March 26, 2006


UK Indymedia Breaks New Record?

An article on UK Indymedia discusses the "Zionist Lobby's Bullying Tactics" by citing in full, a recent and highly controversial paper. Ho hum.

Someone posted another paper, in the form of a comment, endorsing the original post.

Someone else then posted a subsequent comment, citing another paper which roundly refutes the earlier argument, pointing out it's a replay of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,.

An anti-Israel article and an anti-Israel comment, followed by a refutation.

Here's a quiz: Guess which one was hidden?

Further to the hidden refutation, a comment noted that posting the whole of one article supporting this hypothesis as a lengthy comment appears fine on UK Indymedia, but when someone else posts a pro-Israel refutation as a comment, it gets hidden.
It's nice to see they can withstand criticism.

Double Standards on UK Indymedia? Never!

The comment pointing this out, was hidden in less than 5 minutes. Is this a new record?

There is now a comment protesting the censorship, and guess what - that comment has been hidden too!

Meanwhile there is yet another disgusting article on UK Indy:
"The Chosen and the Chased" by Latuff the cartoonist. The cartoon is actually fairly mild as antisemitic/anti-Israel cartoons go, but of course, yet again, all 4 comments, which decried the pro-terrorist cartoonist, were hidden, including one with a picture of a murdered Israeli child in a suicide bombing.

So much for the neutrality of Indymedia. Anything which does not comply with their world view, ie. Palestinians good, Israel bad, is censored and hidden.
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