Monday, December 19, 2005


Evil? Or Just Dumb

Further to the recent violence in Sydney, a collection of Unite Against Racism Rally Photos includes this one:
Considering it was touted as an "anti-racism" protest, a subsequent comment asks:
Does the communist party of australia realise the the USSR (they have a hammer sickle flag) was one of the most racist regimes on earth, basically deporting or killing every minority in russia (chechens, jews, ainu people and others) while massaring the rest of the russian population anyway. ihave no problem with communists, just stalinists.
Some responses:
Eh. I *think* the australian communist party are Maoist rather than Stalinist actually. Not entirely sure.

either way , theres only like about ten of em, and there all senile.
Briefly, dying Maoist sect with very small presence in select unions. Crazier than a shithouse rat.
any organization who claims they are maoist/stalinist are a bunch of lunatics.
Maoists are pretty much Stalinists on crystal meth, and I have no time for either of them. There's a particularly wacky Maoist-Stalinist sect in New Zealand which recruits big among students because they combine fire-breathing radical rhetoric with a complete withdrawl from fighting any real-world battles.
And so on...

A post on Melbourne Indymedia reporting on the march makes allegations of police brutality
Police harass people, singling out these banner holders..
And here's a picture of this "harrassment".

The bastards! Others respond:
sorry, I'm calling bullshit on the comment given with his photo. police harassment? crap, i was there and they didn't single out people with banners and they didn't harass anyone. what a pointlessly whiny thing to say.
in fact, the police were quite decent.

I was there too.
This of course casts further doubt on any claims on Indymedia of 'police brutality'.

A final comment on the question of ethnic integration is priceless:
they're about as integrated into the community as Mike Tyson at a debutantes' ball.

This is an odd story, and I must admit Im not sure I follow it.

Ok. You note theres an "anti racist rally". Now I presume you wouldnt object to that. You've taken a stand against anti semetism and I presume that extends to a stand against racism in general..

You observe that the commies turned up, and also observed that many of the FDB contributors seemed mildly irritated by the fact.

..............Then it turns to sydneyt indymedia and something about people getting irritated about police.


What did FDB do to get tangled in whatever beef you have with sydney indy? FDB seem a fairly level headed bunch 90% of the time, and seem fairly adapt at managing the moon bats and whipping them back into behavior.

Just a question. It was an odd line of narrative there.
Evil or dumb? Most communists are probably both.
FDB = Fight Dem Back, a multicultural group in sydney that works with law enforcement and ethnic groups monitoring the neo nazi and skinhead world.

Most of the comments there where from FDB, although they may of been cross posted to sydney indymedia. The left at times has a love/hate relationship to them. They like the fact that FDB go after the nazis, but get freaked out by the fact they work with police etc.
Thanks for explaining. In that case, to the earlier anonymous comment, I didn't make any objection in relation to FDB, merely linked to their photo/discussion and you have misunderstood.

I hope that clarifies the matter, thanks for visiting.

Regarding the 'love hate relationship', I do wish some people would learn that it many countries (and presumably Australia) the Police are not always 'da enemy'.

By the way, you can choose 'another' name when posting comments instead of 'anonymous'. You don't need to register and it helps in responding to commenters if you all choose a unique posting handle.
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