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Nazimedia is a nickname which has been given to Indymedia on several , predominantly conservative websites. It's one I have avoided.

Until now.

Sydney Indymedia has completely opened the floodgates of antisemitism, and it is clear the moderators of the website wish to do nothing about it. That is, they are accepting of it, and therefore complicit.

This article repeats a blood-libel (Wikipedia Definition) previously posted by Faruque Ahmed.
In January 2005 New Zealand police arrested an as yet un-named Israeli who was accused of poisoning 40,000 liters (over 10,000 gallons) of milk.
See the nature of the only other sites which are quoting the same (mysteriously unavailable) article and went into a frenzy when the New Zealand spy scandal took place. Some of the commentary in here includes:
if the thieving jews gave back the land they stole resestance would not exist
but we all know that the rabid thieving jews never give back what they steal.
they must be beat down and removed from humanity.
Isn't it funny how antisemites seem incapable of using capital letters or spelling? Must be something about their intelligence.

These comments and their continuing display on the site force me to suggest Sydney Indymedia might as well rename itself Stormfront or perhaps Hamasmedia.

Seriously. How low is the bar set? Is anyone at Sydney Indymedia proud of their achievements? I'd be thrilled to hear from any of them. I know from my referrer logs that numerous Sydney readers visit.

Other Australian Indymedia sites do a much better job and Darwin Indymedia (permanently offline)
Due to increasing costs in providing hosting for multiple sites, Perth Indymedia has had to make the decision to only host websites located in Western Australia.

Please check again at a later date and hopefully darwin indymedia will have found a new home.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes, and wish the darwin activist community the best of luck.

Yours in liberty,
The Perth Indy Gang.
is a model Sydney and several others should consider.

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