Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Wacky Mossad Pranks

I recently detailed conspiracy theories on San Diego Indymedia that Mossad (who else?) were behind the recent terrorist threat to the NYC subway.


Of course now we know that it was a hoax I have no doubt (none, really!) a correction and apology will be forthcoming.

Either that or CNN, the New York Post and the CA Yankee Blog are all part of Mossad as well.

Duh! The Zionist Jooooooooo Cabal controls the media.
Pfff! Mossad has been running my blog for months now.

Nice guys.
Indymedia-UK supporting Nazi-filth
this disgusting thread, read comments by Josephine Kuchera

just one quote from that thread-
<< As someone whose family were persecuted by Jewish Communists, I could not care less about the alleged ' 6 million ', especially since Jews continue to tell half-truths which amount to a denial of the Jewish role in Communism.<<
end quoting
just click on the link and read more.
'Free speech' is ONLY for pro-nazis on the imc-uk. When I tryed to answer to Kuchera - MY anti-racist post has been deleted, while KKK-crap is still visible
LOL, on the 'communist' website they allowed anti-communist comments !
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