Friday, October 21, 2005


Cirque du Stealing Stuff

Quebec Indymedia is reporting on the students who Swarmed the Complexe Desjardins
Earlier today [ed: Thursday, March 31st] around 500 students swarmed into the Complexe Dejardins as part of CASSÉÉ's week of "economic disruptions". While inside, many students blocked entrances, clapping and cheering, while others went into the IGA supermarket and raided food, cheese, and wine. While a minor scuffle broke out between an IGA security guard and students trying to take a cart out of the IGA, only a small amount of food was taken and the police did not get involved and there was no violence or property destruction.

The march was organized by CASSÉÉ and the taking of food from the IGA was a symbolic demonstration that for many people, good food is beyond reach.
Stealing? Very symbolic.“We declared that for the day the food in the IGA, the grocery store in the basement of Complex Dejardins, would be free for those who don’t normally have the means to afford good food. We live in a society where a lot of people have the choice of eating shit or eating nothing, so we decided that today all the good cheeses, the good wines, and all the food that a lot of people cant afford, would be free, as an example,” said Sohie Cohen of CASSEE.Needless to say, the store was not a co-signatory to the declaration.

I wonder if the same students would steal books to protest a lack of literacy, or steal bottled water to protest lack of clean drinking water. Somehow I'm not sure. Getting students to steal cheese and wine on the other hand...

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