Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The Dreaded Black Ops

Further to my post about Indymedia dispensing medical advice here, comes an email from Geoffrey:
Good job with indymedia watch!

That post sounds like it comes from the Scientologists (via one of their front organisations)

They are down on psychiatry because it contradicts Dianetics.

I have noticed quite a number of unchallenged posts from these guys on NZ indymedia among others.

Look at for a list of their activities and some of their front organisations.

I wonder why the indymedia crowd go on about black ops and infiltration by undercover operators etc but don't twig to this kind of stuff.

I don't know Geoff. Indymedia probably are all too 'aware' of the covert operations (real or imaginary) in their midst, however it is hard to 'twig' when you are trying to Blame Bush, Jews Neo-cons, Big Oil etc.

Paranoia is funny that way.

Speaking of which, if you read the next word on this line: Gotcha, I now know where you live and work.

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