Thursday, February 03, 2005


It's raining bullets in Sydney

Since my last report on Sydney Indymedia, not much has changed. Indeed it has gotten worse to the point where not only is there more of the same, but they are now actually reprinting Crazy Joe Vialls as well.

As such, like Brisbane recently and Alberta Indymedia some time ago, people are now calling for Sydney Indymedia's closure.
With Sydney Indymedia allowing blatent racist content on it's website it is flaunting the globaly observed Prinipals of Unity.
This in turn prompted fierce outcry from the Nazis and trolls who demand their 'rights' and refuse to be 'silenced' by the evil Jewish/Mossad/CIA conspiracy (while less passionate readers leave in droves). Go read it, but make sure no children are watching over your shoulder.


On another thread, pertaining to the recent death of a Palestinian girl, one side has pointed the finger squarely at Israel while the other is pointing out that there is still an investigation in process and it is possible she was killed by a Palestinian bullet after being shot into the air at a nearby celebration. This caused huge argument over whether it was possible to be killed by a falling bullet shot into the air.

Note to our gun-toting readers: Yes, it certainly is.

The whole thing is a pointless flame-war however I loved one part:
Gravity is a Zionist plot.

Reality is a Zionist plot.
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