Sunday, January 09, 2005


How to kill Indy Media in One Easy Step

I dropped past Alberta Indymedia today and found this:

Hello everyone, has been taken down indefinitely. It has shown
no signs of editorial activity since Sept 2003, and so has been a wide open, unmoderated newswire since that time, using 11-16GB of bandwidth per month. Someone recently posted a media file to the site (probably linked externally in many places) that has generated over 100GB in traffic in a week. We are already behind on our bandwidth payments and simply can't afford to keep this apparently unmoderated site alive.

Please contact tech(at) if you need any more information.

If you are interested in rebuilding/revitalising Alberta IMC, a good
place to start would be:

Another good place to start might be my blog which will show you where the remaining Indy Media sites are getting it so tragically wrong. Otherwise, rest in peace...

Wide umoderated newsire eh? Gee, that hasn't stopped any of the other sites from continuing on that basis...

One down, how many does that leave to go?
from what I do know about alberta (next to BC is it?), it is the most conservative of the provinces, or so i hear. so alberta windymedia being mostly dead is not a surprise
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