Monday, January 31, 2005


Jihad in America Australia

Seconds ago, I was commenting on the lunacy of anti-War protesters supporting terror.
Sure enough, there were protests outside Iraqi polling booths overseas.

Thanks to Aussie pundit, Tim Blair, check out the Communist tee-shirt on one of the protesters at a Sydney, Australia polling booth.

And then this this happened:
Counter terrorism authorities have descended on Sydney's west after a shooting linked to the Iraqi election added to tensions heightened by the historic ballot.

Witnesses said two men with guns aimed at a number of cars and shops, and fired five shots during a melee involving 100 people on the main street of Auburn, about 11pm (AEDT) on Sunday.
They said the shooting followed a clash on Saturday involving protesters from an anti-election group and voters outside a polling booth in Auburn - one of Australia's nine out-of-country polling stations for Iraq's first election in 50 years.
Someone down-under is unimpressed about democracy.
30 men associated with the anti-election protest walked up Auburn Road and began fighting with men outside his tobacconist store.

Mr Attabi, whose two brothers were murdered under Saddam Hussein's regime, said the election was the source of all the weekend's problems.

"I've lived in Auburn for four years and I don't have any problem with any person before this," he said.

Iraqi community leader and voter Kamil Alhamid said attackers comprised men from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, but not Iraqis.

Mr Alhamid, the secretary of the Australian Ahl-Al-Bait Islamic Centre in Auburn, said the group were fundamentalists sympathetic to al-Qaeda and the terrorist group of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
But then like their Jersey counterparts, the Aussie cops apparently wanted none of that:
NSW police Superintendent Allan Harding said he was satisfied it was an isolated act committed by criminally motivated people.
Gee, do you think?
He [Alhamid] said the group's core had been meeting at a mosque a few blocks from his store for more than two years and had taken action in the past against Shi'ites by posting notices, but this was the first time they'd used guns.

Mr Alhamid refused media access to any of the injured men for fear of reprisals.
Thair Wali, an Iraqi adviser to the International Organisation for Migration, was reported on the Al-Jazeera Satellite television website as saying the fight broke out on Saturday after protesters began taking pictures of voters leaving the polling station.

"This is scary for the people, taking photos of the voting," he said.
As opposed to say being shot at.

I'd link to Sydney Indymedia for more, but they're distracted right now, talking variously about Jews Zionists who we are now told are pedophile baby raping scum and posting anti-Semitic cartoons.

Update: The SMH has a new report: Police prepare for more violence after shots fired in Sydney. Sydney Indymedia meanwhile are arguing about whether Jews eat babies with tomato sauce or BBQ.

Also, I have changed things so that links open in a new window. Let me know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, thanks.

Good post. This link isn't working tho: http://http//
Clearly you're not thinking this one through (too many posts on too many subjects, with too much zionist pig-dog spin).

The shooters were Mossad agents. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the world is over-run by them.

Free Palestine!

or something.
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