Sunday, February 18, 2007


Has Google Woken Up?

We have previously observed that Google discredits itself by regarding Indymedia as a viable source for Google News.

A post on Melbourne Indymedia reports:
I have discovered that in the last week or so MIM has been removed from Google News searches and is now regarded as a “blog”.
Shocker! Now Google News users won't find out such Indymedia scoops as:


Dannielynn, daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, has no father because she is a clone. Anna Nicole Smith secretly visited a cloning clinic!

Dannielynn, daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, has no father because she is a clone of Anna Nicole Smith, conceived in a fertility clinic that specializes in cloning.
But wait, according to a later comment on that post:
Actually, this was voluntary and initiated by the Collective. On behalf of the Melbourne Indymedia Collective I temporarily suspended Google News Indexing on 28 Jan 2007:

"...We would like Google News to temporarily stop automatic indexing from our site as we cannot guarantee sufficient editorial control over articles posted to our local newswire feed...."
What's that? Indymedia editors acknowledging problems and accepting responsibility? Kudos! That's all this site has ever asked.

It would also explain this:
It should be said that VERY FEW Indymedia sites are recognized as worthy of inclusion – there are currently about five sites worldwide that ARE included. Up until last week MIM [Melbourne Indymedia] was one of them.
It's a simple question of quality. Something about which too many of the dozens of IMC sites are in total denial.

Indymedia not a reliable news source ? Some mistake surely ?

Look at these examples
A story about how Israel and Turkey are planning a secret invasion of Iran ! (those pesky Jews again)
This classic is about how a Mexican who came to lecture in London was the wrong sort of activist because he didn't follow the IM view of events there !
This nonsense ( a report from the Iranian nws agency of all places) claims that all the terrorism is a secret US and UK false flag operation (of course !)
How about here which decides that the weapons being used by the terrorists in Iraq are supplied by ... yes you've guessed it, the US. Reminds me of the talk of US and UK made weapons that Saddam was supposed to have had. The Soviet Tanks, Soviet rifles, Soviet aircraft, Soviet mines, Soviet bullets.
Here we have a real classic, the reason the US pushed the North Koreans into giving up nuclear weapon development was ..... to enable the US to attack Iran !
Yes that's right not because the idea of a Stalinist dictatorship run by a midget with personality disorder having nuclear weapons is a bad idea but because the US is going to invade Iran and can't until Kim in pooynag says its ok ?

News ? You be the judge

ex IMC'er
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