Wednesday, February 21, 2007


At Least they Haven't Blamed the Jews...

A hilarious post appears on Melbourne Indymedia where the ever paranoid "Tom" is convinced Sydney Indymedia's downtime may be due to a forthcoming state election.
Quite a 'coincidence.' Get the feeling the activist community are being played by a superior influence? We shouldn't be so proud to think its not happening.
A Sydney Indymedia moderator intervenes:
what can I say.

I'm doing my best, and all tom can do is spread paranoid rumors about me.
And the rumours continue:
What is so difficult about installing a msql, php based INDY package, Cam??

DADA, Oscailt, SF-active to name a few, install in 10 mins resotring backup, another 10 mins, general fucking around lets say 48 hours.

so either hand the site over to someone who is able or fuckin do it wanker ... u can't fool linux hackers

Ppl might begin to think you are working for the man
Personally, I don't think Sydney Indymedia's ever looked better!

The "Security Services are monitoring everything we do" theory is a long held belief on various Indymedia sites. Back in 2001 I attended an Indymedia UK meeting related to coverage of the DSEI events. I sat and listened to person after person boring us with their "proof" of how they had been followed, monitored, checked and observed by everyone from MI5 to Special Branch and in one comedy performance the CIA.

The reality is the Police in the UK do look at activist and Left Wing websites but that's because it makes it easy to know where events are going to be happening.

The egos of those involved with Indymedia know no bounds and I'm reminded of the interview with Tariq Ali when it was revealed to him by a TV crew that MI5 had exactly one page about him and had him classified as "harmless". I though the poor man was going to explode with shame !
""At Least they Haven't Blamed the Jews..." is the title of this post by The Watcher. I wonder how long it will be before the Indymedia UK moderators try to blame 'Zionists' for being caught out running spy software that loads onto the computers of those who view the site ?

ex IMC'er
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