Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It Matters. No Really!

Tim Blair bitchslaps Portland Indymedia:
Indymedia’s Brent Herbert scores a crushing victory over the MSM, which he claims is frantically removing pro-DDT articles from Google News in the wake of a mighty Herbert takedown:
Now only three remain, only one of which is pro-DDT. So I see that people have been busy pulling those stories, since they obviously were embarrassed by my post on Indymedia. Never let it be said that one person cannot make a difference, or that Indymedia does not matter, since apparently it does.
Speaking of embarrassment, Brent is unaware that Google News removes stories after 30 days.
Google should of course be embarrassed to even consider Indymedia as a news source as it has in the past. Apparently it still does.

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