Sunday, January 21, 2007


Buh Bye

Vancouver Indymedia's colorful recent history has included getting sued and moving offshore.

Possibly related, Vancouver Indymedia has now shut down with the message:
Vancouver Indymedia is currently offline while we reorganize in order to operate within our mandate. Hopefully we will be back shortly with a new look, editorial policy and committed collective. Thank you for your patience.
Well good luck with all that...

I'm usually sorry when an IMC closes up, but Vancouver is the exception. I don't know of any other IMC so willingly a conduit for antisemitism. Hopefully a new collective will form without Scott Nelson, and the thing will get going again.
The Indymedia Seppuku campaign is working.
Looks like Scott is now trying to "cover his tracks."
But it's a little late now that he and Vanindy have been served.

Looks like he's passed the 'torch" onto Daniel Foscarini, an interesting fellow with a background in "Direct action," an ailing wife and 4 school aged kids.

At this point, anyone who the Canadian Human Rights Commission decides is or has been part of the Vanindy operation (based on my complaint at the time of service) is potentially answerable.

Also since the server was moved, it appeared that a number of the articles complained of have disappeared. If they've indeed been erased, then there's a whole other series of things that could yet happen.

The Commission will up to a certain point, attempt to negotiate or mediate. If that's not fruitful then the case is turned over to a Tribunal. Then it becomes a different ball game.

One thing that Mr. Nelson & Co. are going to learn before this is over, is that they are not operating in an "anarchic lawless environment."

Harry Abrams
I'm usually sorry when an IMC closes up, but Vancouver is the exception. I don't know of any other IMC so willingly a conduit for antisemitism.

Why, the erstwhile "Palestine" IMC fits the bill just the same.
So does San Francisco.

But that "editor", Bob Ness aka nessie, doesn't just keep the Brown Shirt trash on his site. He actively posts his Jew hating filth all over the globe.
Is SF Indymedia even around anymore? The last few times I tried it -- including right now -- the page hasn't loaded.

Could this be true?

SFIMC Officially defrocked from the Collective

"It all comes out in the end

the ongoing controversy surrounding the articles from SFIMC
and the continuous spam like posting of one of the editors has finally been brought to a Halt!
the IMC collective has taken action on the issue of inappropriate behavior of editors and staff from the renegade
news group in the west.

SF has been suspended from operation in the IMC collective. their equipment is the property of the collective and in the coming weeks will be redistributed to other Imc's with more worthy goals for social change.
the Leadership of the IMC collective wishes to apologize for the prolonged episodes of childish behavior that was allowed to come out of SF. this type of harassment of other IMC's is inexcusable we sight the poor management of this group for the final decision to close and dismantle the site"

Can anyone confirm or deny this, before I finalize my plans to celebrate?
... and it's still down. Been maybe a week, I figure. Maybe nessie has done the IMC network the best favor he could -- quitting.

Of course, if it's technical difficulties, nessie, I'd be happy to set you up a new site.
SF has died from neglect.

Just to be totally blunt about it, Bob Ness has his nose wedged so far up my butt crack, following me around the globe like a love starved puppy, that he simply hasn't the time anymore for maintaining his rank amateurish AOL surplus operation.

Kinda stupid of him to post the spam links nowadays, sorta like mailing letters to dead folks, but hey, he's not known for possessing basic intelligence....
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