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Accountability is a Bitch

Further to our recent report on UK Indymedia's disgraceful behaviour, comes this comment on the post:
Well my friend you have caused a right old storm at Indymedia UK. Your story and the comments to it caused a number of regular contributors to do some research on the hiding pages and to question who was really running the site. Those who do some occasional work for the newswire have realised how they have been compromised by the small group who have been trying to gain full control. Last night (UK time) a number of people had their passwords removed and this morning the reporting e-mail List was suspended with a number of emails removed from the public area so the extent of the outcry could not be seen.

The line seems to be to try and ignore the protests in the hope it will go away and there has been lots of reports (some simply copies of other reports) about a minor event at the London Mexican embassy to try and divert attention. The hidden pages have been cleansed as of this morning with perhaps 30 posts being removed altogether to prevent viewing. All posts are now being reviewed for content before coming up on the newswire and many are not being allowed.
Of course those who are objecting are being labled Trolls, Zionists and Neocons in the usual manner.

Keep it up Indymedia Blogspot, we are winning.

ex IMC er
As always, anybody who objects to disgusting antisemitism on Indymedia can only possibly be a Zionist Troll, Mossad spy, paid COINTELPRO agent etc. I've certainly been called all of the above. Nowhere in these sick people's minds, has the thought occurred some people actually disagree with them and have morally decent values.

UK Indymedia appears to be undergoing the start of a revolution. I don't dare take credit for it, but I say it's long overdue. Roll on reform.

Control of the Indymedia UK newswire now resides with a small group of five persons. All other passwords have been blocked.
The original anti-semitic post which promted this outcry is still on the newswire while ALL of the posts which point out its racist overtones have been removed or hidden.
Much of this hiding seems to have been done by Chris one of the fruit cakes from the Sheffield regional site. (who posts here as 'Sam Wilson')

The only good news is that posters are now much more aware of how anti semitism is on the UK site and are complaining every time some of it is posted. Attempts to clasify all of these people as Zionists and Mossad spies has fallen flat because of the quantity.
I used to post there alot in despair of the fact free 'conspiranoid' nonsense commonly peddled with regard to 9/11, but generally got fed up of the knee jerk 'spook' responses from the likes of Jordan Thornton. The degree of anti-semitism disguised as 'anti-zionism' has been appalling for some time, with posters such as 'Twilight' ranting on about 'the tribe' making a mockery of any pretense not to be just a straightforward bigot.

As a qualified historian I have also posted in the past in response to staggeringly ill informed posts about the holocaust. It seems that many 9/11 conspiracists get much of their information from places like the American Free Press, so it is hardly surprising that anti-semitism creeps into their discourses but I am constantly staggered by the fact that so called 'progressives' can trot out ill informed medieval cliche's about the jews (sorry zionists!) without any self awareness of what they are doing.

They tend to criticise the 'sheeple' for not swallowing their fact free ramblings re: 9/11 yet are quite happy to swallow and regurgitate any centuries old slur about the jews without question. The site is a joke. I notice the far right seem to have taken to posting there recently - no wonder, they should feel right at home!!
The posting by some on the Far Right is not all it seems. There is a very small group based in Lancaster called Unite Against Facism (blog here

They are always pushing the idea of a mass Far Right movement in the UK which must be crushed, there are many posts of 'heroic direct actions' against "the Fash" on the Indymedia site. The reality is very different. Neither the British Far Right or UAF has many members and they mostly spend their time writing insults to each other on various websites of which Indymedia UK is one. If either of them just stopped the other side would quickly fade away.

Well the numbers of far right posters may be small as you say, but the fact remains that there have been a number of occasions where overtly antisemitic postings have been allowed to remain visible on the site, while responses criticising them have been hidden.

The hypocrisy on display is sometimes breathtaking. I remember a one particular post railing against racism in the mainstream media with regard to Mike Tyson's conviction for rape. The subsequent 'analysis' was fatally undermined by the parallel insinuation that Roman Polanski, who is still wanted in the US for sex with a minor, some how managed to escape justice because he was a jew!!
You are right davec, it is the hypocracy that is so galling, how they apply the rules when it suits them but not when some Jew hater crops up with his words of hate.

A girl who I was at university with always maintained it was down to the fact that the Left just hates to see capitalistic success and no country has been as succesful as Israel in building a free, democratic nation out of nothing.
Excellent post here - says it all really

Nutcase Chris from Sheffield seems to be trying to play the whole thing down now with this addition to the lists.

So many people had included a reference to the IndyWatch blog they couldn't keep on pretending it wasn't there. (chuckle)

Funny how he doesn't mention or allow to be published the 21 other emails that were sent to the list on this subject ?

Many. many more posts have been removed again today talking about this issue and the site has been getting a lot of emails asking why their passwords have been blocked.

ex IMC'er
I have emails imc-uk-features with this link:


We'll see what comes of it. Plainer than that I can't make it.

"Control of the Indymedia UK newswire now resides with a small group of five persons. All other passwords have been blocked."

And once again indymedia botch carries the same shit it accuses indymedia of carrying.

"ex IMCer" is Raul, the IMC Monitoring team and indymedia gb.

Its nice to see you quoting him in your articles now.

It really does your credibility loads of good.

He has never been cuban, a monitoring team, indymedia gb or an IMCer.

Sam Wilson,

Having just checked, I can confirm that every single time you have posted a comment here, you have been wrong or otherwise embarrassed yourself.

Like some punch-drunk victim staggering back into the ring to the horror of spectators, this occasion appears to be no different.

Gosh "Indymedia Botch". How clever, did you write that yourself? Lol lol lol lol...


As to the question of credbility, not that I honestly care for your opinion any more, but re-read the damned article to which you were responding. All I have done, is quote a comment. I have not attempted to pass it off as any more than that.

It is exactly the same as doing this:

"Sam Wilson said in a comment:
"ex IMCer" is Raul, the IMC Monitoring team and indymedia gb.
Its nice to see you quoting him in your articles now.
It really does your credibility loads of good.

I don't make any judgement or other comment there either, and it is up to the reader to work it out. In the above case for example, to work out that Sam Wilson is a fool of note. A moron, if you will.

Regular readers will know I tend to remain civil, however there comes a point when it may be more appropriate to aim things at the intellect of my opponent. As such, I hope you fully understand what I am about to say: Go away, Sam Wilson and grow up idiot.
I may disagree with you on some issues, but not on the censorship problem with indybay, which by my research is international. Censoring is happening here in Santa Cruz Ca. Although I write about poverty issues I often see dissenting comments deleted. This destroys the whole concept. I , just as you, want to talk to the people who disagree with me -- or we are all simply preaching to the choir.

I have also pondered that by using Indybay, and being against censorship -- I am being a hypocrite. I have written some others about getting a large number of diverse organizations to call out Indybay on their practice of censorship in all forms.

Thanks for your work on the issue of censorship.
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