Friday, June 23, 2006



Via referrer logs, I can see Faruque Ahmed's latest rehash of the same tired out material as always: Nazi Zionists Criminal Empire Must Be Exposed! Predictably, the only thing "exposed" is Faruque's antisemitism and Indymedia's acceptance of it.

He has apparently developed some rudimentary HTML skills (to match his rudimentary English and Debate skills) and the newest piece features More Links Than Ever. To what? To endless other circularly linked articles by Faruque Ahmed, copied by this bitter taxi driver all around Indymedia, from Sydney to Hawaii via Jakarta, India and South Africa for starters.What an ass.

Update: Leigh notes in comments, one of Faruque's links (and there are dozens) is to Nazi website Stormfront. Apparently it's not just Indymedia he frequents.

You're forgetting the link to Stormfront...
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