Sunday, May 07, 2006


Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

According to a new post on Indymedia Milwaukee I am a "right wingnut" and a "Rightwing Front".
Apparently some right wingnuts didn't like the stories
about Jeffrey Luers that made it to milwaukee IMC.
The most coherent thing in the piece is a declaration
that they're confused about what to wear to protests.
But that's just my opinion.
This theory stems from this post, in June 2005, which apparently they just noticed.

Ten months! It took me twenty-four hours to notice the link to this site and respond. I guess that's because of the ten-thousand rightwing agents on my payroll...

It is worth noting their only response to my piece on convicted criminal Jeff Luers, was to attack me. Always a convincing argument...

That man can't even insult you properly.

Page 51 of "The Big Book of Leftwing Comebacks" clearly says that the standard insult is "reich wingnut".
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